There’s a bit of madness in retail marketers’ chase for numerical fortification: A desire to build arguments as impenetrable as Kevlar and as logical as an anal retentive Vulcan. This breakneck chase for certainly presumes that with an infinite data set, sharper algorithms, and predicative analytics, we can totally crack consumer behavior and drive retailContinue reading “WHEN ANALYSTS GO APE”

advertising’s pathetic superbowl hangover

  The day after. Not a very good time for football fans or advertisers. But while you’ll remember the Packers for a while, and probably remember the Saints winning in 2010, you surely do not remember last year’s ads and by tomorow will forget the dogs serving beer, talking babies, and the rest of theContinue reading “advertising’s pathetic superbowl hangover”

blackout: retailers stumbling in the dark on black friday

Black Friday is the second busiest shopping day of the year. A rite of shopping passage that generated $10.6B of retail sales in ’09, including $595MM of online sales (up 11.2% from ’08).  This particular November, the official opening of retail hunting season opens on Friday, November 26th, and once again it’ll be a showdownContinue reading “blackout: retailers stumbling in the dark on black friday”

blank, you’re it

For sculptures, it’s a hunk of clay or block of stone. For dancers, it’s the human body. For architects, it’s the very land itself, which demands adherence to its shape and texture. But when it comes to the raw materials for advertising’s creative professionals, there are but two, and each is at once frightening andContinue reading “blank, you’re it”

clients get the paralysis they deserve

Actually, it was advertising. Or so says Ogilvy. It’s one of my favorite quotes ever about the business of selling. And although it typically elicits a chuckle, it comes with a boatload of frustration. One client of mine just hired a new CEO who immediately proclaimed to the press that he was going to addContinue reading “clients get the paralysis they deserve”

a visit to the zoo

With longer days spent in the office and a 24/7 link to the great and powerful crackberry, today’s executives spend an enormous amount of time crunching data and developing ops to solve tough business challenges. Visiting their ad agency then is probably the only time they are in a room with writers and art directorsContinue reading “a visit to the zoo”