what is the red light project

Being consumer guided and idea driven has never been more challenging. In effect, we’ve become marketers in a world of research overload… where companies are making billion dollar decisions based on a dozen consumers in a focus group. Or purchasing lists of consumer email addresses, only to gather answers active survey respondents instead of the powerful majority. As marketers we desire to leverage the next big thing, but don’t know how to anticipate it. We try to unearth the hidden keys to consumer behavior, but apparently know very little about what happens within 3 feet of the shelf. In the end, in the quest to dig deeper, companies are still using shovels instead of lasers. Enter The Red Light Project. Created as part of an Omnicom initiative, The Red Light Project is a modern and heretical research engine that eschews traditional methods of collecting post-facto consumer feedback. Instead of traditional go-to qualitative methods such as focus groups – where four grey walls and a two-way mirror never can truly reveal the true hidden persuaders – or telephony-based quantitative research – where consumers who are starved for time are being asked to use their home phone to chat for 20 minutes, The Red Light Project customizes it’s methods from a far more creative foundation and invents techniques to capture moment of truth insights. Insights not just on behavior, but operational effectiveness, or the ability of an organization’s internal engine, its people, to deliver its brand. Insights that help a company see what could be, not just what is. The Red Light Project. Working with leading brands, developing moment-of-truth insights, measuring operational potential, and delivering the fastest and most effective ways to activate.