Nowhere to hide: Bounties on your data, your privacy, your soul.

We’re only 24 months away. That’s it. 730 more days until greater than 50% of all our purchases will be digital, mobile, san cash, sans secrets. Google’s search analytics are already in the tell tale business, alerting retailers as to what you’re shopping for, while at the same time your phone’s GPS is telling retailersContinue reading “Nowhere to hide: Bounties on your data, your privacy, your soul.”

788 million reasons to take a twitter break

Most people believe their plate is full. That there aren’t enough minutes in the day. That if they just had an extra afternoon, or just a few hours more, they could move mountains. Then, as the mountain sits and sits, nary a handprint on its back, those same people somehow find time to air, share, andContinue reading “788 million reasons to take a twitter break”

a big brother for the rest of us

A draconian figure stands in front of his audience. He’s wearing a black tunic and holds the listeners in rapt attention, as a cult leader demands obedience, and presents his dogma to the world with the camera locking his face in a close-up. What could be a description of the most famous Superbowl ad ofContinue reading “a big brother for the rest of us”

the social wisdom of snap crackle and pop

Does the Pillsbury Dough Boy really have a lot to say? Are you itching for your copy of the Michelin Man’s memoirs? And does anyone doubt for a second, that when Mr. Clean posts on Twitter, it’s being penned by a Jr. marketing associate at Procter & Gamble whose task it is to monitor socialContinue reading “the social wisdom of snap crackle and pop”

multitasking ourselves to death, or worse

We are not binary beings. Meaning our ability to process a signal, our very ability to do almost anything, cannot be split in two with equal focus. It’s a science thing…. something’s gotta give. Go ahead, rub your tummy and pat your head… it’s a nice parlor trick, but the point remains: If we couldContinue reading “multitasking ourselves to death, or worse”

we the locust…

Like the young Bedouin who believes that locusts are merely bugs, and that he can weather the swarm unscathed, a scant three years ago content providers believed that they too could handle a raging tempest, and in fact were oblivious to the swarm that would indeed overrun them. The bugs in this particular storm? AnyoneContinue reading “we the locust…”

a new chapter in the book on online influence

Facebook is expected to hit $1.4B in revenues this year. That’s a one, a four, and ten zeros. Although much of it is driven by the automated service used by small business, the big players, every one from Better Crocker to Ford, have increased their Facebook presence by 10 fold. This is the primary revenueContinue reading “a new chapter in the book on online influence”

looking down on america (and missing it)

You’re in line, yet nobody’s impatiently looking around anymore. They’re looking down. Your plane lands and everyone’s looking down again. Movies end and the same phenomenon happens. It happens in meetings, before the waiter delivers your meal, and after dessert. It happens before sleep, and as soon as you wake up. Which means as weContinue reading “looking down on america (and missing it)”

i can fly, i just can’t log on

FLL, TPA, EWR… these are airports that offer free WiFi. LGA, DFW, MIA, to name a few, do not. They ask you to pay via Boingo or t-mobile or other. To those airports who don’t understand the fundamental truths about access and technology, we simply say this: Find ways of managing your bottom and topContinue reading “i can fly, i just can’t log on”

the many minutes of our lives, left hanging on the voice tree

Due to increased call volume, you may be experiencing a longer than average wait time. We apologize for the inconvenience.  All our customer service representatievs are busy assistaing other customers. Please hold for the next avialable representative. If you would like to participate in a short survey, please stay on the line at the conclusion ofContinue reading “the many minutes of our lives, left hanging on the voice tree”