Marketing’s 94th Minute Goal

So if the U.S. World Cup team scores a goal to win a game 1-0 with five seconds left on the clock, how much is that goal worth? The easy answer, of course, is that whether it was scored with five seconds left on the clock or 89 minutes, its value remains the same: it’sContinue reading “Marketing’s 94th Minute Goal”

Thor puts the hammer down… the nice guy finishes first.

Thor Hushovd, the, big Norwegian sprinter and Classics specialist won the World Championship Road Race today in Geelong Australia.  “It’s hard to understand I’ve won the worlds. It’s a dream, it’s unreal,” said Hushovd, who becomes the first rider from the Scandinavian country to win the coveted rainbow jersey. “This has to be the best momentContinue reading “Thor puts the hammer down… the nice guy finishes first.”

top ten doping excuses among pro athletes

1. No, that needle is only for my smack stash 2. Two words: No comment 3. I could of had a V8! 4. Nothing will stand in the way of my goal to be #1. Even man boobs. 5. I’d like you to meet my cardiologist… 6. Everybody does it. No? 7. I will denyContinue reading “top ten doping excuses among pro athletes”

greed in the nfl… this week it’s (almost) under the radar

As if you thought the NFL and NY Jets handled the Braylon Edwards situation poorly, this from Davie, Florida. The Miami Dolphins announced today that DT Tony McDaniel was suspended for one game. The catch is, the arrest for domestic violence was back in February, yet the Dolphins suspension was enacted AFTER the big JetContinue reading “greed in the nfl… this week it’s (almost) under the radar”

marci’s letter to the NFL…

Marci’s an attorney. But put that aside for a second and consider her post to the NFL: Dear NFL….Can I have a job? Apparrently it is ok to get drunk – drive like a maniac – put lives at risk – get arrested – spend the night in jail….bail out and then report to workContinue reading “marci’s letter to the NFL…”

geaux-to brands

Nothing like a brand that you can scream your lungs out for. Rooting for a brand is one thing… we hope Zappos sells more shoes without selling out. We want upstarts like hhgregg to win to keep Best Buy honest. And we cling to Target’s aesthetic lest Walmart becomes more monolithic. But as we allContinue reading “geaux-to brands”