There’s a bit of madness in retail marketers’ chase for numerical fortification: A desire to build arguments as impenetrable as Kevlar and as logical as an anal retentive Vulcan. This breakneck chase for certainly presumes that with an infinite data set, sharper algorithms, and predicative analytics, we can totally crack consumer behavior and drive retailContinue reading “WHEN ANALYSTS GO APE”

what the hell is the heisenberg effect and why is it trying to kill my brand?

A mom stands at the coffee section of her local supermarket. She ponders the choices and considers which brand to purchase. Faced with a growing number of choices, flavors, brews and beans, there’s a lot to consider.For those who either want to master the art of consumer behavior, or are simply starved for consumer insight,Continue reading “what the hell is the heisenberg effect and why is it trying to kill my brand?”

the ultimate game

If you ever doubt that consumers make emotional purchasing decisions, consider the ultimate game: It goes like this: I have ten dollars, but the only way I can keep it, or even part of it, is by offering you a share. If you accept the share I offer, then we split the ten dollars accordingly.Continue reading “the ultimate game”

hello, goodbye columbus

Today we bring a look at America, i,e. Columbus, Ohio. More than the retail capital of the world, primarily due to the pioneering vision of Les Wexner, it’s home to Wendy’s and White Castle, Nationwide Insurance, DSW, Big Lots, CompuServe, and the complete suite of Limited brands and offshoots. Columbus is a place that consumerContinue reading “hello, goodbye columbus”

the broken research record

Why are companies still making $20B decisions based on 20 consumers in a focus group? Post rationalization, dominant respondents, posers, professional (opted in) respondents? Flawed, flawed, and flawed again. If you’re not measuring consumers at the moment of truth, if you’re not a professional stranger, observing behavior instead of asking about it, you’re not trulyContinue reading “the broken research record”

what is the red light project

Being consumer guided and idea driven has never been more challenging. In effect, we’ve become marketers in a world of research overload… where companies are making billion dollar decisions based on a dozen consumers in a focus group. Or purchasing lists of consumer email addresses, only to gather answers active survey respondents instead of theContinue reading “what is the red light project”