DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WE GO. Will The Up Fronts Ever Be The Same?

In the very time it takes to read this post, Amazon would have exceeded forecasts, Walmart would have countered with an acquisition or low cost delivery option, and between them, a trillion dollars of revenue would be hung up in Seattle and Bentonville. In fact, everything they do today, every move they make, is justContinue reading “DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WE GO. Will The Up Fronts Ever Be The Same?”

the analog swingers

Here’s the thing about a pendulum: It’s gonna swing. Today’s lesson in gravity and momentum starts with the simple acceptance that while the world of media started with analog (facial expressions, cave drawings, smoke signals), digital media is not the end game. Instead, it’s merely another dot on the continuum, another swing of the pendulum.Continue reading “the analog swingers”

the supply and demand apocalypse

Back in September of 2009 I documented the increasing commercialization of satellite radio. Now, the plot thickens, or at least the commercial breaks are thicker than ever with the noise of commercialization. In 2005 I sat in a conference room at Sirius with Laker legend Magic Johnson and an SVP from the network angling forContinue reading “the supply and demand apocalypse”

we the locust…

Like the young Bedouin who believes that locusts are merely bugs, and that he can weather the swarm unscathed, a scant three years ago content providers believed that they too could handle a raging tempest, and in fact were oblivious to the swarm that would indeed overrun them. The bugs in this particular storm? AnyoneContinue reading “we the locust…”

(empty) space, the not-so-final frontier

SPACE FOR LEASE We still see a retail landscape littered by those very words. You’ll find them on brand facades that were not too long ago Winn Dixies, Blockbusters, Lane Bryants, K-Marts, Circuit Citys, Linen & Things, Jamba Juices, a handful of banks, dozens of restaurants, and hundreds, yes, hundreds more. True, the bloodletting isContinue reading “(empty) space, the not-so-final frontier”

the wall street national enquirer times

The walls are a tumbling down people, i.e. the integration between hard and soft news continues. Huffington Post today fronts with healthcare, but then jumps into Suri Cruz (star offspring of Tom Cruz and Katie Holmes) in heels and Lamas’ ex sex tape. Why, for the love of click rates, does the Huffington Post have aContinue reading “the wall street national enquirer times”

commercial (not so) free

As disruption theory supposes, “nature will find a way,” advertisers too will not let pop up blockers or DVR’s or anything else stay their mission to get in your face. Today’s example: Sirius XM radio. Created and promoted as commercial free, that brand promise has been obliterated as the revenue from their subscriber base simplyContinue reading “commercial (not so) free”

a huff and a fizzle

Sooner or later, all vaunted news sources undermine their credibility with their lust for ratings, i.e. share, i.e. cash flow, i.e. survival. And so they chase popular culture knowing that at the end of the day there are far less Economist Readers than there are People Magazine readers. American Idol’s Nielsen rating beats Meet TheContinue reading “a huff and a fizzle”

the rise and fall and rise of social media, part 1

Like regentrified neighborhoods, first come the visionary inventors with a cool aesthetic and bold designs. Followed by the early social adopters, creating scale and mass. Finally, it’s the barbarian hordes who turn the place into just another agora, the next mall, one more commercial opportunity that sends the visionary inventors off to their next canvas,Continue reading “the rise and fall and rise of social media, part 1”