It always, ALWAYS, comes down to three ingredients: Marketing, Ops, and People. The category’s definitive three-legged stool. Marketing’s responsibility has never been more complex or carried a heavier load. The competition is unrelenting and communication channels insanely diverse. And yet if you’re not driving traffic, you’re dead. Period. People: Ray Kroc’s famous quote says it all:Continue reading “REVENUE IS SERVED”

Just another manic sundae

  It’s generally considered bad form to burry something while it’s still alive. Even if the grim reaper is waiting by the back door, collection notice in hand, bank note out of patience. But the restaurant landscape is no place for an identity crisis and a report from The Wall Street Journal Thursday said FriendlyContinue reading “Just another manic sundae”

retail sustainability gets smoked

  The masters of retail value something even greater than profit, and that’s sustainable and scalable profit. In the case of Russ & Daughters, the sustainable is legendary, but the scalable is heresy. We’re talking about (just under) 100 years of serving smoked fish, caviar, cream cheese, Jewish soul food, and all associated wisdom outContinue reading “retail sustainability gets smoked”

walmart sheds 100 lbs. of gorilla

    It’s time to throw our weight behind a lighter Gorilla. Okay, the beast of Bentonville is still just that, but today the target on its back and the Target over its shoulder are perhaps not quite as ominous. Walmart used invention and innovation to become hero to the middle class and darling ofContinue reading “walmart sheds 100 lbs. of gorilla”

the gospel of the spoon

  The spoon has a good handle on life. A life spent driven headlong into oatmeals and cereals, pasty yogurts and tepid soups. The spoon hopes its washed at night in a fresh Cascade bath, and then gently laid in a neat wood drawer to snuggle with the other spoons. The spoon hopes for aContinue reading “the gospel of the spoon”

the sausage that sets up the marketing

Any way you slice it, it’s tightly controlled and brilliantly executed merchandising that sets up ROMI. And if you don’t like portuguese sausage (i.e. Liguica) as an example, then we can talk about RFID chips, or perhaps cavemen. But before we talk real meat, the lesson is that if you can build, engineer or otherwise invent aContinue reading “the sausage that sets up the marketing”

our healthy march to fatty town

Welcome to duplicitous America. Where we politely request gluten free pizza with soy cheese (as long as it’s extra large). Incredibly enough, Mintel reports that 65% of us believe that we have somewhat healthy diet, and an even greater percentage of respondents agree that it’s important to eat healthy. Yet obesity as doubled over the past 30 yearsContinue reading “our healthy march to fatty town”

end world grease, redux

Hallelujah. Evos is in South Florida. Say again, hallelujah. Visiting their new Miami location today, it was all I could do not to hug the Miami Franchisee as he discussed plans to open as north as Aventura, FL. This will be the fast casual concept of the next five years. The darling of those who likeContinue reading “end world grease, redux”