witness the soul of greatest female rock singer of all time

Depending on how expansive your definition of rock singer is, tops among the women could be as varied as Aretha Franklin or Joni Mitchell. But in imagining those who could step up to the mic and lead, let’s say, Led Zeppelin through a set, we land on the real contenders… Ann Wilson, Grace Slick, AnnieContinue reading “witness the soul of greatest female rock singer of all time”

dinner tonight with the country’s foremost party experts…

In Aurora Ill, home of Wayne’s World, to enjoy dinner with America’s true party animals. For them, a reminder about what makes parties special. There’s something about parties and our love of celebrations. They all begin with two of the most beautiful words in the English Language… you’re invited. But even after the last guestContinue reading “dinner tonight with the country’s foremost party experts…”

heard over dinner: top ten rock guitar players

Business dinners need not be defined by business conversation. And so during a recent client dinner, a proposal to name the top ten rock guitarists of all time turned into an hour long discussion/debate that picked up first thing the following morning. So with apologizes to those with the narrowest definitions or rock ‘n roll,Continue reading “heard over dinner: top ten rock guitar players”

that’s a rap

Last night, rap “star” Kanye West stole 19-year old Taylor Swift’s moment at the MTV Video Music Awards. It’s the kind of theft that cannot be returned, replaced, or replayed. Read the blogs, examine the history: From Flava Flav to Soy Bomb, to Ol’ DIrty Bastard, to Tim Commerford, to all of them, in everyContinue reading “that’s a rap”

a huff and a fizzle

Sooner or later, all vaunted news sources undermine their credibility with their lust for ratings, i.e. share, i.e. cash flow, i.e. survival. And so they chase popular culture knowing that at the end of the day there are far less Economist Readers than there are People Magazine readers. American Idol’s Nielsen rating beats Meet TheContinue reading “a huff and a fizzle”