If you build it, they will cuddle

Howard Schultz didn’t open coffee bars. He envisioned the 3rd place. Apple’s retail lead Ron Johnson didn’t want you being educated by experts, so he hired geniuses. Warren Buffett’s team didn’t want you driving to insurance agents, so they opened a portal online and de-commoditized the industry. And Build-A-Bear didn’t think furry friends should beContinue reading “If you build it, they will cuddle”

train wreck culture goes off the rails

In 1982, a boy king programming genius at NBC named Brandon Tartikoff was asked if there was anything he wouldn’t do in pursuit of ratings. “If there were a show akin to Battle of the Network Stars called Battle of the Races, don’t tell me everybody in America wouldn’t be watching. But that concept is so uglyContinue reading “train wreck culture goes off the rails”

788 million reasons to take a twitter break

Most people believe their plate is full. That there aren’t enough minutes in the day. That if they just had an extra afternoon, or just a few hours more, they could move mountains. Then, as the mountain sits and sits, nary a handprint on its back, those same people somehow find time to air, share, andContinue reading “788 million reasons to take a twitter break”

when every store is a convenience store

  Two generations ago, picking up a quart of milk meant a stop at the grocery store. That’s it. One option. Although three generations ago companies like Dellwood could leave the milk in a glass bottle gently placed inside an insulated metal box by your doorstop. Quaint. Today, convenience wins. 100% of the time. InContinue reading “when every store is a convenience store”

we are… wait… perhaps we’re not… family

Once upon a time, the concept of marketing to families was simple, as 85% of all households in American were “married with children.” Today, that number has plummeted to below 25%. Holy Brady Bunch! What happened? There are now more than 100MM single adults, close to 90% live alone. About 30% of all babies areContinue reading “we are… wait… perhaps we’re not… family”

multitasking ourselves to death, or worse

We are not binary beings. Meaning our ability to process a signal, our very ability to do almost anything, cannot be split in two with equal focus. It’s a science thing…. something’s gotta give. Go ahead, rub your tummy and pat your head… it’s a nice parlor trick, but the point remains: If we couldContinue reading “multitasking ourselves to death, or worse”

warhol economics… the allure of infamy

This past season, an undersized NFL thug named Cortland Finnegan got what was coming to him, as an opposing player literally beat him down on national television. But one of the more interesting sub plots that emerged from this story is Finnegan’s now discovered two-year-old boast of aiming for the top spot amongst the NFL’s dirtiest playersContinue reading “warhol economics… the allure of infamy”

our healthy march to fatty town

Welcome to duplicitous America. Where we politely request gluten free pizza with soy cheese (as long as it’s extra large). Incredibly enough, Mintel reports that 65% of us believe that we have somewhat healthy diet, and an even greater percentage of respondents agree that it’s important to eat healthy. Yet obesity as doubled over the past 30 yearsContinue reading “our healthy march to fatty town”

the supply and demand apocalypse

Back in September of 2009 I documented the increasing commercialization of satellite radio. Now, the plot thickens, or at least the commercial breaks are thicker than ever with the noise of commercialization. In 2005 I sat in a conference room at Sirius with Laker legend Magic Johnson and an SVP from the network angling forContinue reading “the supply and demand apocalypse”